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“Ella Bendrups has always been a creative person and after school studied a Bachelor of Communication Design and a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT. After this Ella made her way as a stylist assistant and this experience exposed her to many talented makers and inspired her to make pottery herself. Ella has always been interested in ceramics, but a fear of trying and failing at something new had kept her away.”

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“One of my most treasured possessions is this traditional Latvian sterling silver and amber brooch. It is a piece that my grandmother would have had in her teens that she carried with her through World War 2 and immigration to Australia with my grandfather. It was earmarked for me, the youngest of seven grandchildren, and has been with me since her death around 20 years ago.“

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"Today we visit an inspiring young creative who successfully changed tack, and is now focused on giving back. Ceramicist and stylist Ella Bendrups invites us into her space at Melbourne’s Studio Local, taking us through her newest range of hand-crafted ceramics created using the ‘kurinuki’ clay carving technique."

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