Photography by  Marie-Luise

Photography by Marie-Luise

Innate forms refined for a modern context

Ella hand-builds ceramics from a home studio in Melbourne's Northern suburbs. She utilises pinching, carving and slab building techniques to create functional and sculptural pieces with an organic feel. Ella celebrates the maker's touch, drawing on primitive pottery techniques and embracing evidence of process in her finished work.


Curriculum Vitae

Ella Bendrups

Born 1989, Melbourne.


RMIT University, Bachelor of Communication Design, 2008-2010
RMIT University, Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration, 2012-2013

Group Exhibitions

July 2018 – Relics Today, Modern Times Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
April 2018 – Vase & Vessel: And Ode to Morandi, Saint Cloche Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Commissions and Collaborations

March 2019 – Vases for florist, Melbourne
February 2018 – Carved fruit bowl as wedding gift, Melbourne
November 2017 – Vases & tableware for TDF Open House
November 2017 – Custom client gift for Jac and Co
June 2017 – Vases for florist, Melbourne